Building a Better Haystack with Data
Friday, August 12, 2016

Center for Architecture & Design
1801 McGee, Suite 100
Kansas City, MO 64108

Cities are built by decisions. Great cities are built by great decision makers. As people who plan, manage and shape the cities we live in, where our decisions come from, and what they're made of, matters. If you think of public data like a building material, the quality of information used to make a decision is reflected in how that decision affects quality of life. With the ability to capture data increasing exponentially, the excitement swirling around smart cities and open civic data sources has grown to gold rush levels. But, there's a problem: Turning all that great information into actionable insights takes time and resources that aren't always available. At this program the instructor, Nick Bowden (mySidewalk by MindMixer) will, with the help of research, case studies and experience, explore the changing trends in technology, the art of layering community feedback with quantifiable data to tell a story and, most importantly, how to approach data to make better, impactful decisions for the future of your community. The goal is to better understand and make the best decisions on behalf of your community. Cost is $10.